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As founder and managing director of PCM Partners, LLC, Ed Stavetski offers experienced asset allocation services to clients of ultra-high net worth. Ed Stavetski’s research-driven approach emphasizes carefully calibrated investments based on current market trends. U.S. market trends are largely positive, with home construction, airlines, consumer electronics, and Internet among early winners in 2014. In addition, aluminum, platinum, and precious metals are among the best performing industries, which in turn points to a brighter outlook for manufacturing.

U.S. manufacturers are experiencing a unique confluence of positive market factors, including declining energy costs, rising wages in countries such as China, and overall flat wages domestically. In addition, companies in a number of industries are moving production back from overseas as a way of better controlling supply chain factors such as shipment reliability and product quality. Despite concerns about overregulation in Washington, D.C., and uncertain global demand, a number of companies are taking major steps in bolstering U.S. production. Early movers include foreign-owned multinationals, such as the Chinese textile enterprise Keer Group Co., which has committed to a yarn-spinning plant in North Carolina. In addition, Airbus is in the process of creating a major passenger jet manufacturing hub in Mobile, Alabama. There are also numerous projects in development in the petrochemical sector that are of active interest to investors.