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Ed Stavetski is a respected financial services executive who leads PCM Partners, LLC, as managing director. Working with ultra-high net worth clients, he provides investment oversight and comprehensive risk management solutions. Ed Stavetski is also author of the well-received book Managing Hedge Fund Managers. His 2010 work takes a comprehensive look at the range of factors that go into decisions of whether to invest in hedge funds.

A particular focus is on the art of picking winning hedge funds that meet core investment objective and risk-tolerance thresholds. He takes a close look at the various types of risk that define decisions, including model, counterparty, high-watermark, and liquidity issues. The latter risk factor has particular importance, as lack of available capital can push funds into more severe losses than they would otherwise experience. Mr. Stavetski also looks at the qualities hedge fund managers must possess in driving sustained success. He emphasizes looking beyond surface-level accomplishments and pedigree, and examining whether past success has been in areas of money management. In addition to evaluating individual analysts and portfolio managers, potential investors should investigate the underlying organizational structure supporting the fund, including third-party service providers.