About Ed Stavetski

Ed Stavetski founded PCM Partners, LLC, in 2009 to provide financial consulting services to clients of high net worth and to other investment professionals. He also works closely with a variety of corporations to provide valuation and advisory assistance. Ed Stavetski has gained wide experience in finance, specifically in the management of hedge funds, over his nearly 30 years in the field.
Ed Stavetski focused at the beginning of his career on earning the educational and corporate experience to offer his clients a variety of high-quality services. He holds an undergraduate degree from West Virginia University. Early in his professional life, he worked as a Senior Portfolio Manager at Philadelphia-based Rorer Asset Management, LLC, where he also served as Managing Director of Fixed Income. In this position, Mr. Stavetski oversaw pension funds, endowments, and foundation assets totaling in excess of $1 billion, and he performed research into the health care and energy industries. Over a period of five years, Ed Stavetski aided Rorer in expanding the growth of its assets to reach more than $6 billion from a base of $72 million.

Ed Stavetski increased his professional background through service as Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of the Investment Policy Committee at Pembroke Capital Management, another firm he founded. At Pembroke, Mr. Stavetski began his focus on high-net-worth corporate and individual clients, and he assisted them with decisions on equity, fixed income, and other matters.

Ed Stavetski has pursued additional professional knowledge through writing in his field. He created a series of columns for Street Insight, a service of TheStreet.com. His articles covered topics such as the evaluation of a variety of popular investment sectors, including energy, technology, housing, metals, and non-U.S. emerging markets for automobiles and other consumer goods. Ed Stavetski also wrote a book published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., in 2009, on the topic of hedge fund management.

When not assisting clients in his current position as Senior Investment Consultant and Strategist at PCM Partners, Mr. Stavetski enjoys gardening and basketball.